Scout Merit Badge Snack Bento

On Saturday morning, I had signed the boy up for his Boy Scout First Aid merit badge.

In our move from Washington back to Colorado, we missed his WA troop starting it and joined his CO troop just as they had finished it.  Since it is a necessary badge, when a local quick emergency care place offered it, I thought it would be a good plan to get it done.

The badge was schedule from 9am till 12:30pm and they asked the boys to bring lunch so they could keep working while eating.  I can do that!

Since this was a packed lunch with new people, I told Ben I would keep it simple and not cute, although I still needed to use reusable containers.  He agreed.

I had had leftover parmesan turkey tenderloin from dinner, so I turned that into a turkey salad for him.  Since we were out of bread, and both my kids prefer crackers with chicken/turkey salad anyhow, I sent about a dozen Ritz crackers and a spoon for scooping the salad.  The second container held blueberries and animal crackers.  Since we weren't sure of the entire set up of the location, it sounded better to send easy to snack on foods.

I used two Sistema boxes for this lunch--one small split to go box and one 400ml snack box (it has the removable tier).


  1. What a great way to use up leftovers! I'm always trying to think of original ways to transform last night's dinner... the dip is such an original idea! Will have to try it. Such a great way to make eating healthier food fun too.

    Hope Ben had fun at the badge event!


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