A High School Salad Bento Lunch

The girl prefers to take lunch with her, wherever she goes. She's not picky, but she prefers healthier options, and she is a bit particular about meat.

I prefer sending food simply because I know she is at least eating well and will eat the food that is with her.  This has led to salads as her go-to lunch.

In this lunch, she took a large salad, with lettuce, cucumber, and carrot to form the base.  We rolled a slice of deli ham and a slice of deli turkey, then sliced those into rounds for some protein in her salad.  We sprinkled all that with shredded cheese.  Normally, I would also add boiled egg, but we had eaten the last one and I wasn't prepared to make more.  She also took a packet of ranch dressing for the salad.

In the lower two compartments, she took some favorite snack items.  The right holds homemade pumpkin bread with a bit of glaze on top, the left is Walker's Shortbread Fingers.  She was quite excited when we partnered with them this year, as shortbreads are one of her favorite cookies.

Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Hero box, so that the compartments stay sealed separately.  She was planning on saving the pumpkin bread and shortbread for snacks later in the day, so separate seals were a must.