A Kitty Cat Bento Lunch

One of the boy's good friends asked him what other cute things I could make for lunch.

He told her pretty much anything and asked her what her favorite animal was.  Since it's cats, he asked me what we could do with a cat theme to show her.

In this lunch, we made two kitty sandwiches.   Both are on honey wheat bread, with one being ham and havarti and the other being turkey and muenster.  I used a Cutezcute cutter to make the kitties and apparently flipped the bread to have two different winking cats!  Since there was a *lot* of bread leftover, I simply put it back in the back and used it for egg in a hole for Ben later in the week.

To the right, I sliced strawberries and Ben picked out some of our cat picks to decorate the fruit.  He said since cats like fish, we should use parmesan Goldfish crackers, and I put some granola bars into the main compartment.  I added a few snacks, just in case this wasn't enough food for all day long.