Back to School Bento Lunch Time

Back-to-school is upon us!

We went through all our lunch stuff right before the move back to Colorado and kept things that are more in line with the amount of food that the kids now eat.  We still kept a lot of fun stuff because we're all about making lunch fun.  And, as the lunch below shows, we love all things puppy related.

In this lunch, I packed a ham, turkey, and havarti sandwich on honey wheat bread.  Since the kids aren't big crust eaters, and the border collie hears the sandwiches calling him, I used a Lunch Punch cutter to make a quick dog house.  I used the same cutter on a piece of muenster cheese to make the dog cutout on top of the sandwich.

In keeping with the dog theme, I added grapes with a dog pick, homemade pumpkin bread with another dog pick, and some Walker's Shortbread mini scottie dog cookies.  We'll be working with Walker's this year--both kids love the shortbread and I really loved the little Scottie Dog shape.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.


  1. Love the bread dog house idea! Super cute bento :-D

  2. awesome share... love it.. should give it a try... :-D


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