Baked Egg Cups Bento

Remember the baked egg cups we made a few weeks back?

The boy loved them and was positive they would make a great lunchbox item.  He does have access to a microwave at school, so that made it easy to send them along with him.  (Without the microwave, I would have headed them at home and used silicone cups to stack them in a thermos.)

In this lunch, he took two of the baked egg cups with him.  We made a fresh batch, so these ones have orange shredded cheese on top.  I had a few bags of shredded cheese with just a little bit remaining on the bottom, so each cup was a bit different to use all of those out!

He has a few of the fudge stripe pumpkin spice cookies that I am currently addicted to, along with black cherry yogurt and some blueberries.  I was a little concerned that this might not be quite enough food for him, so I overpacked his snack bag with yogurt tubes, cheese sticks, granola bars, and more. I'd rather he has extra food than not enough.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.  I also used a small square of press & seal to cover the yogurt before putting the lid on the box.  He stores his box on a shelf above his backpack and coat, so I wasn't too concerned about things leaking