Snack Bento for Boy Scouts

The boy had another merit badge day for Boy Scouts, from 9am till about 1pm or so on a Saturday morning.  They suggested the boys bring food with them, which I assume is quite necessary for early teen boys.  However, we had plans afterwards, so I wanted to stave off hunger without packing the fridge

In this lunch, Ben took two mini naan sandwiches.  I picked those up the other day, so I used two pieces for the top and bottoms of the sandwich (I did not find they split well).  In one, I used deli turkey with Muenster cheese, and the other deli ham and havarti.  I skewered them with picks so they would stay together.  I added strawberries with an extra pick for less mess, along with a granola bar and pretzels.  I sent a water bottle along with it, since the Scout Hut has options to refill a water bottle easily.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.