Snacks to Go with Nabsico Multipacks

This post was sponsored by Nabisco as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I think I have finally mastered our schedule!  Now, granted, there is a LOT of running back and forth to different places with both kids, but as long as we pack snacks and drinks, we can get it all done.

This month, we are partnering with NABISCO Multipacks, which we love for lunch additions and on-the-go snacks.  They tuck perfectly into a bento box, a lunch bag, a backpack, a saxophone case, or even my purse.

Ben had a busy day this week, so we decided to include NABISCO Multipacks in one of our bento lunches.  He also wanted a different sort of lunch, not his usual sandwich, so we had some fun with leftovers.

We packed a homemade chicken salad and naan bread as his main dish. For the chicken salad, I chopped leftover rotisserie chicken, then mixed it with mayonnaise and a teaspoon of bacon crumbles.  I chose a simple lidded container for that to prevent spilling, then paired it up with four mini naan breads.  I also tucked a cheese stick underneath and added some strawberries and blackberries for fruit.

We went to Walmart last week and picked up the NABSICO Multipacks. They feature the perfect variety of cookies--Oreo minis, Nutter Butter bites, and mini Chips Ahoy, so I let Ben choose which one he wanted as his treat in his lunch bag.  He picked the Oreo minis since the color matched our panda theme quite well.  I love how nicely they tuck into the lunch box and that the sealed packages mean they don't have to be kept clear of other foods.

Not to be outdone, Faith decided that  NABSICO Multipacks are also perfect to tuck into her band case for a snack during their break.  She opted for the mini Chips Ahoy pack which fit perfectly into her saxophone case.  I love it!

We're also participating in a giveaway for Walmart gift cards!  You can even go get our own NABISCO Multipacks if you win.

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