Another Salad Bento for My High Schooler

My girl took another one of her favorite lunches to school last week.

It's one of the things I know for sure will get eaten with no leftovers, so why not send what she loves and is healthy?

In this lunch, Faith took another large salad.  If you haven't used the Goodbyn Hero box before, the main compartment is huge, so this isn't just a tiny lunch salad.

We made a chef salad with lettuce, cucumber, and carrots, then added turkey, ham, and cheese to it.  We had some packets of ranch dressing leftover from some salads I had purchased at the grocery store, so she took one of those instead of a separate container.

Since she likes the larger salads, she only opted for two small sides--some pretzel twists and our new favorite cookies, pumpkin spice fudge stripes!  We can't recommend these enough (and no, it's not sponsored, we're just addicted to them).