Cute Puzzle Lunch for My Girl

Apparently, both my kids have friends that are thoroughly fascinated by the cute lunch concept.

Once the whole "I want a plain lunch" falls apart, it's all about "Make me something that I can show my friends!" again.  My girl's friends are intrigued by the cute mini picks and forks, so I made sure to add a few into her lunch on request.

In this lunch, Faith took a turkey and cheese sandwich on honey-wheat bread, cut into puzzle pieces with a Lunch Punch cutter.  She had wanted some Goldfish crackers, so we had to use a cuter cup for them, picking a silicone flower shape.

To the right, she has homemade blueberry bread accented with a pink elephant fork pick and some fresh strawberries with the yellow bunny fork pick.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.

There's less of a theme, other than cute things we own, but she was quite happy with it.