Happy Face Sandwich Bento

The boy wasn't sure what he wanted for lunch last week, but he has been sharing creations with one of his friends.

We've made kittens, puppies, and panda lunches to show her, so I handed him a container of picks and told him to choose a theme.  He picked some of my eyes and hat picks to decorate mini sandwiches.

In this lunch, he took three mini naan bread sandwiches.  We used pieces of mini naan for the top and bottom of the sandwiches, then used turkey or ham, muenster or havarti, to fill them.  I am pretty sure each of the three is slightly different since we trying to finish out a few packages of food.  We added eyes and hats to each of the sandwiches.

Next to the sandwiches are a few apple cinnamon donut cookies!  I go grocery shopping and things catch my eye, so we try them.  These were good.  The other container holds blackberries in the bottom part, then parmesan Goldfish in the top part.  The seal keeps the crackers non-soggy, so that helped.

Both containers are Sistema boxes I bought a few years ago to showcase for a blog project.