Quick and Easy Halloween Bento Lunch

I'm convinced quick and easy is my lunch theme lately.

It's a combination of being crazy busy and the kids both requiring way more food than they did as toddlers, so I have to pack quantity, not design.  This Halloween lunch did help a bit since I was able to use cupcake picks from the Dollar Tree to jazz up the mass quantity of food my kid requires.

Our King Soopers (Kroger store in other states) had the mini naan breads my kids love on sale, so I used those to make multiple sandwiches instead.  Each one features two mini naan, this awesome turkey pastrami we bought at Sam's, shape cheddar cheese and mayo.  Since it is almost Halloween, I skewered the sandwiches with a variety of Halloween picks.

In the sandwich container, I also placed some mini chocolate chip shortbread rounds from our Walkers' partnership, since I was running out of space.  On the right, I sliced strawberries and added another holiday pick, then stuffed raspberries with chocolate chips for a treat.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes, all four pick styles are from cupcake packets at the Dollar Tree.


  1. Those mini naan breads make the cutest little sandwiches! :)

  2. These are really a quick stomach filler and also looks so delicious :)


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