Time for a Lunchable Bento Lunch

I was making lunches the other day and asked the girl what she might like.

 She wasn't sure either, nothing we had sounded good to her and the leftovers weren't a good plan either. I suggested a homemade lunchable as an alternative and she thought that sounded perfect, especially since we had a good variety of cheese in our fridge.

In this lunch, we packed three different kinds of cheese--white Monterey Jack cubes, orange sharp cheddar cubes, and sticks of gouda (the yellow-orange ones).  To go with that, she added pepperoni and crackers.

Since a regular lunchable pretty much stops there, we had to add a few more options.  I had received an Edible Arrangement for my birthday, so I used parts of that to make her a fruit salad.  We're also partnering with Walkers Shortbread this year, so she took some of the mini Scottie Dog shortbreads too.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.