Almost Thanksgiving Bento Lunch

My kids are off next week, so we had to squeeze in one Thanksgiving themed lunch.

Not only that, this one is easy enough that you can replicate it at home with just a good sharp knife

In this lunch, Faith took a turkey pastrami and cheddar cheese sandwich on honey wheat bread, hand cut into the shape of a turkey!  I used a small piece of cheddar to make the beak, two sugar eyes, and a Swedish Fish to make the waddle.

To the right, she took sliced peaches (and a giraffe fork) along with animal crackers.  I'm about 99% she also took granola in a separate container.

Want to make the turkey?  I promise, it's easy.

Make your sandwich first.  Keep it simple, I used a very very thin layer of mayo on both pieces of bread, then used a slice of cheese and some turkey pastrami.  PBJ and spreads work well here too.

Assemble the sandwich, then use a very sharp knife to cut out a mushroom shaped area for the turkey's head and neck.  Mine is freehand using my favorite paring knife.  Cut slowly and make sure to get all layers.

Once the head part is cut, you'll be left with an inverted U sandwich.  Using diagonal cuts, cut it into 6-8 pieces to look like feathers.

Reassemble the sandwich in your lunch box.  Add eyes, beak, and waddle, and you're done!