Quick Pasta Salad Bento

Besides regular salads, the girl also enjoys a larger pasta salad in her lunch.

Sometimes we make them fresh and sometimes we have the perfect leftovers for a pasta salad.  One of our current favorite recipes is a cordon bleu pasta bake that's great hot, but it's also really good cold.

In this lunch, Faith took the rest of the pasta bake.  As you can see, there's cheese, there's cream sauce there's pasta, and ham and chicken.  It's really good.  Trust me.  She likes this one cold, so I finished out my leftovers and she got lunch out of the deal.

To the right, she took fresh strawberries with a giraffe fork pick and some chocolate chip shortbread cookies from our Walker's Shortbread partnership.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.  It's a little simple, but she enjoyed it and I knew she'd eat everything.