Sandwich Wrap Bento

Playing catch up on some old lunches I found on my phone! Since we just came off a vacation, it's nice to have some things to share on the blog.

One of the boy's favorite dinners is Korean beef and occasionally, there are leftovers.  He loves them as a wrap sandwich, since they have a microwave at school.  This lunch isn't terribly exciting to look at, but he did enjoy!

In this lunch, Ben has a single wrap sandwich with the leftover Korean beef.  It is pretty boring looking, as I wrapped it before measuring the box and had to smush it in there, but he did say it tasted awesome.  I made myself happier by adding an elephant pick to it.  To the right, we had some leftover cookies, along with two mini oranges of some sort, also with elephant picks.

The wrap was thicker than anticipated, since I gave him all the leftover beef in it, so we didn't need too many side dishes.  He took extras like granola bars and a yogurt, in case he was still starving.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.