A Second Quick Pocket Sandwich Bento

You can't make a pocket sandwich for one kid without the other.  Or at least in my house, you can't.

Thankfully, I bought a whole pack of pocket breads, so I had plenty for each kid.  I also found our favorite ham salad at King Soopers, so I bought that for my girl and me!

In this lunch, Faith took a whole wheat pocket stuffed with ham salad.  I added a couple of daisy picks to her sandwich for color too.  While we love the ham salad at the grocery, we usually doctor it with a bit of extra mayo since they make theirs with less than I would.  Once we do that, it's perfect.

To the right, I had run out of fruits Faith prefers, so I had to default to some canned peaches.  She does love peaches, so it worked out ok.  As canned fruit is a bit messier, she wanted a giraffe fork pick to help with eating it.  She also took some of our shortbread sticks from our Walker's partnership, and some snacks that are not pictured. Lunch is packed in our EasyLunchboxes.