Croissant Sandwich Bento Lunch

Mini croissants are another favorite around here.  I pick up a big container of them whenever I top at Sam's Club.

I like my warm, with just a bit of jam or Nutella, but the kids also love making sandwiches out of them.  Two are pretty close to the size of a regular sandwich and change things up nicely.

In this lunch, Ben took two croissant sandwiches.  They're filled with turkey pastrami, another Sam's find, muenster cheese, and just a little bit of mayo.  I skewered them with a couple of cute picks to make sure they stayed together.

For side dishes, I added some pretzels, some cantaloupe (with another cute pick) and some Walker's mini chocolate chip shortbread cookies.  Our partnership with Walkers is a lot of fun and the kids are loving the shortbread variety we have received.

As usual, lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.  It's the time of year where I extra appreciate the one dishwasher safe container and lid.