Quick Pocket Sandwich Lunch

This year is coming up to a close and life is getting insane.

There's multiple Christmas concerts, holiday parties, babysitting jobs, and way too much on our plates.  Unfortunately, the kids still need to eat, so we're doing super easy lunches right now, along with a whole lot of leftovers the rest of the time.

I found some pita pockets on sale at the grocery store and figured they would make some different lunches this week.

For the boy, I made a quick tuna salad with extra mayo (and no other surprises).  I cut a pita pocket in half and stuffed both sides with the tuna salad, then added a couple of panda picks because they were cuter.  To the right, he opted for animal crackers and blackberries (again with a panda pick).

Since we were low on other interesting foods, he chose to take a yogurt tube, applesauce pouch, and some other snacks along with him.   Lunch is packed, as usual, in one of our EasyLunchboxes.