Braces Mean Soft Foods Lunch

When the girl first got her braces on, we realized she was having some trouble biting into things.

So we kept it simple with a lot of soft foods, including a favorite salad and crackers.

The deli at our local store makes a pretty good ham salad, although we find it a bit lacking in the mayo department.  That's an easy fix, so I just buy it and add a few dollops to make it better.

In this lunch, Faith took some of that ham salad with crackers.  She found biting into a sandwich to be more difficult than just a single cracker plus a spoonful of salad.  Whatever works!

To the right, she opted for sliced strawberries since they were easy to eat and a breakfast bar, which was much easier than granola bars.  Everything is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.