It's a Naan-derful Lunch!

It's kind of fun going through pictures from the year and playing, "Guess that lunch?"

Sometimes, the clues are provided for me, based on the kid's preferences or amount of food, sometimes it's, "I wonder who ate that?"

This lunch?  Definitely the boy!  The blackberries and three sandwiches are a giveaway.

We buy mini naan breads for a ton of things, and they are *so* good.  Our grocery (Kroger chain) sells them in the deli area with the fresh cheese and salads and things.  I've also seen them at Sam's Club near the dips and hummus in the chilled cases.

Since they don't split quite like pita breads, we use them as the outside bread on sandwiches.  These seem to be turkey and, more than likely, muenster cheese, with a little bit of mayo.  I skewered them with simple picks so they are easier to pick up from the box.  The upper tier holds blackberries and some cheese crackers.  Since I know this belonged to the boy, I am about 99% sure there was also yogurt, applesauce, and granola bars tossed into his lunch bag.

A friend sent me the Perry the Platypus box from Japan, so I'm unsure where else one can purchase it.