My Lunch is Looking at Me!

A little bit of fun off my camera roll from the last semester.

Things I learned from my daughter, her guy friends find her lunch super amusing, so we had to go all out more than once.

In this lunch, she took croissant sandwiches.  I'm not sure exactly what kind, but the choices are either ham salad or egg salad, both of which are favorites of hers.  I made them quite neatly, so it's a guess what kind they are.  Deli meats and cheese would stick out, so we are pretty sure it's a salad type one.

To the right, she took miniature fudge striped cookies and sliced strawberries.  Since this is my girl, this is probably all she took as she is not a big eater.

To amuse her friends, we made all the food look at her with eyeball picks and packed it all in one of our EasyLunchboxes.  Super cute and about two seconds of extra work.