Pack a Simple Snack Box

We haven't been buying a ton of new bento boxes lately.

I mostly use my favorites over and over again, so other than a Wonder Woman set I really had to have, we haven't gotten anything new.  Until these ones.  Easy Lunchboxes came out with snack boxes and these are a game changer.

My oldest especially likes more snack-style lunches, and she is not a huge eater.  She never has been and it's always a challenge to fill up a big bento box, knowing some of it is coming home or getting eaten by her guy friends.  Not that I don't love her friends, mind you, but I'm already feeding one tween boy of my own and that's plenty.  So the EasyLunches Snack Boxes?  They're made for her.

In this lunch, she took a more homemade style lunchable, but with everything cut to suit her braces.  She chose leftover ham, cut into cubes, and sharp cheddar cheese, cut the same.  To add to that, she had sliced strawberries and wavy cheese crackers.  Based on the date, she took this lunch on one of her college class mornings, so she was home a little after 12:30 for another meal.

We've made a ton of lunches and snacks in these boxes since ordering them, so we'd recommend check them out.  Feel free to shop with us on Amazon here.