Super Salad Bento Lunch

Now this lunch? This was definitely made for my girl!

One of her absolute favorite lunches is a huge salad bento.  Our deal is that it needs to have sliced meats or eggs and cheese to add some protein too, but it's her idea of a perfect meal.  All we add is some dressing in a separate container, a drink, and a few snacks to it.

In this lunch, we made a chef salad to start--lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers for sure.  I rolled a few sliced of deli ham and sliced them into bite sized pieces, along with quartering some pepperonis, then sprinkled on some cheddar.  In other versions, we slice boiled egg, so I am guessing I didn't have eggs ready that day.

To the bottom right, we put some croutons to add to the salad right before eating (no one wants soggy croutons) and, to the left, there are a couple of poppyseed muffins (either lemon or almond, I can't tell).  We also send dressing in a separate tight container for her.

We love the Goodbyn Hero box for salads since it's a lot deep than it appears.  It's a bigger lunch than you might expect from the photo!