Time for Camp Lunch

The girl is off to camp this week.

Now, this is her favorite camp because she is going with friends, and my favorite camp because there is a bus pick up about 20 minutes from my house instead of having to drive way up towards the Wyoming border.  The only thing they ask for the bus is to send a packed lunch for the drive up so they aren't stopping along the way.  I can do that!

I saved varying containers from berries and some deli items for disposable meals.  Since she won't be home for the week, there is nothing I wanted her to bring back in terms of reusable containers.  That just sounds like something bad waiting to happen.

In the box on left, we doctored up some of our favorite deli ham salad to make a sandwich on honey wheat.  Since she was eating within a few hours and she wasn't out in the sun, it worked for us.  It looked a bit boring, so we added the cheddar bunny and bear.  The sticks on the right?  Those are gouda sticks, her favorite.

I didn't have a second small box besides berry containers, so I lined one with a bit of foil to prevent leaks and put the sliced strawberries in there.

She also took some portable snack items--crackers, cookies, granola bars, applesauce pouches. I don't love single serve packaging, but sometimes, it's a necessity.  I wanted her to be able to save the snacks she didn't want to eat right away.

We got to the bus drop off, three of her friends from last year were already there, and she's off to camp!

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