"When the Kids Make Lunch" Bento

When the decision is made last minute that a lunch from home is needed after all, the making of it is delegated to the person requesting it.

In this case, the girl decided last minute that she wasn't thrilled with the choices at school and wanted a last minute lunch.

In this lunch, she packed what I really think looks like a ham salad sandwich on honey wheat bread.  With her braces, we've typically been quartering (or more) her sandwiches to make biting things easier.  She decorated the sandwich with flower and panda picks to amuse her friends.

To the right, she chose grapes, with another panda pick, and some Girl Scout lemonade cookies.  Out of state friends brought us the other council's cookies and we have so been enjoying them this year!  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.