Back to School Bento Lunch

What happens when back to school also coincides with 3 days after getting braces put on?  (Yes, two kids in braces at the same time.  I'm lucky like that.)

Well, at least I had some softer options in the house since this is not my first rodeo.  It's not a super exciting back to school lunch, but at least it was food he could eat!

In this lunch, we opted for a Thermos Funtainer full of homemade sausage and potato chowder.  I actually made it the day before and we decided it would work out perfectly.  I diced the sausage small so it wasn't a chewing issue.

In the container, we chose more easy to eat foods--diced strawberries and halved grapes, some Ritz crackers (because they crumble well), and small chunks of cheese.

Lunch is packed in one of our new EasyLunchboxes snack boxes, while the Thermos Funtainer is an older one we've had for years.  Our tip?  Fill it with boiling water while you're heating the rest of your food to help the Thermos itself warm up.