Want S'more Elephants Bento Lunch?

Finishing up the last few of our backlogged lunches before the new year starts!

What is more us than a bento  of elephants?  A bento full of elephants and some Girl Scout cookies!  We've had many, many, many elephant lunches over the years, and they are still a very popular theme for my kids.  Even if it's not a complete elephant lunch, a few elephant picks always make me smile (once upon a time, they were "Peanut" picks, named after a stuffed elephant).

Most elephant themed lunches are Ben's and this is no exception!

I had found some everything sandwich thins at the grocery store which I assume tasted like everything bagels.  They were perfect for lunchboxes and they are thin enough to stack when cut in half for more packing space.

In this lunch, he has a ham, cheese, and mayo sandwich on an everything sandwich thin.  I cut it in half to allow the extra packing space to the left and added an elephant skewer pick to keep it together.  To the right, there are two peeled clementines, because one isn't enough, along with parmesan Goldfish crackers.  The lunch must have been made during Girl Scout cookie season since there's also a few S'mores cookies!

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.