Back to School Bear Sandwich Bento Lunch

The other kid went back to school the day after her brother.  She actually started her two days/week dual enrollment college classes a few days prior, but I was informed that her official back to school date was her part-time charter school.

She requested "something cute" and I went with something cute.  (Tutorial coming soon, I have to remake it to get photos for my readers.)

In this lunch, I used a variety of circle cutters to create a cute bear sandwich.  It's actually made of multigrain sandwich rounds, some muenster cheese, and a bit of pepperoni for accents.  The sandwich itself is ham, havarti, and mayo on the inside.

To the right, I used floral cups to add some sliced strawberries, complete with a matching bear pick, and some mini fudge striped cookies.

Lunch is packed in one of our Easy Lunchboxes and didn't need many other sides since jazz and concert rehearsals haven't started yet.