How Much Can You Fit in a Bentgo Kids Box?

This little BentgoKids box is decidedly deceptive.  It seems like it holds just enough food for a preschooler, yet with a few judicious choices, it holds more than enough food for a lunch.  

Cutting the sandwich in half was key to adding space, but there's a fair amount of food in this one!

In this lunch, the boy took a turkey and muenster sandwich on multigrain sandwich rounds, with just a little bit of mayo.  As mentioned, cutting them in half allowed me to stack them on top of each other, leaving room to slide a granola bar right next to the sandwich.

Since he has braces now, I sliced grapes in half for him in one compartment, and strawberries in another.  Soft fruits have been the way to go lately versus things like apples or carrot sticks.  I also added some pretzel goldfish crackers in the final compartment, then used the cute little middle one for a handful of M&Ms.

He still took along some applesauce and side items in case he got hungry later on.  He is definitely growing and always starving!