Throwback Bento Box

Up on the top shelf of my bento cupboard, I still have a handful of more traditional style bento boxes.

I still love them, but lately, dishwasher safe is always the winning plan.  One of my favorites is the original red Hello Kitty box that I bought for my girl when she was in kindergarten.  I moved a few things the other day, saw it, and she said she had to take it with her to school

In this lunch, I had to be a little more creative to get things to fit.  The bottom tier is more shallow than I usually use and both tiers are long and narrow.  A few cuts and stacks and we were actually able to pack a lot of food.

The top tier holds an entire ham and cheese sandwich on multigrain rounds.  I opted to quarter it, then stack it in twos in order to make the most of the room.  In between, we added parmesan goldfish crackers, in a silicone cup because who wants their crackers touching ham?

The bottom tier holds sliced strawberries and grapes, since those can touch each other. Not pictured, the chopstick area under the lid held a few homemade sugar cookies as a surprise.