Bringing Back the PlanetBox Bento

One of the kids mentioned that we hadn't used our PlanetBox in awhile.

The way the current kitchen is set up, it ended up on a top shelf and, you know the saying, out of sight, out of mind.  So we remedied that with this lunch.

Since the PlanetBox holds a lot of food, and my girl child does not eat a lot of food, the boy ended up with this lunch.  I did offer her one too, but she looked at the amount of food and passed.

In this lunch, I made a quick ham and cheese sandwich on honey wheat, then cut the whole thing with a Lunch Punch airplane cutter.  I inverted the white cheddar piece from inside to outside on the sandwich for aesthetics.  Above that is a chocolate chip granola bar.

The upper left compartment holds cheese crackers, the lower left is two peeled clementines.  Since I wasn't quite sure what would fit in the long upper right compartment, so we ended up with a few of the jumbo grapes we bought and some cute little picks from Target this year.