Haunted House Halloween Bento Lunch

I needed one more Halloween bento lunch for my girl this year.

We don't need as many daily lunches anymore, so I have to plan for the days we need a holiday themed one.  After I made her brother the spider web sandwich, we decided we needed at least one for her too.

In this lunch, we made a haunted house ham and cheese sandwich on honey wheat bread.  The haunted house cutter is only the outside shape, so I just used a knife to add the door and windows.  A rather large bat (maybe the house is built on a radioactive swamp???) is cut from cheddar to decorate it and a ghost pick holds it all together.  Under the house is a chocolate chip granola bar.

To the right, she picked grapes, which we accented with a bat pick, along with a the same pretzel Goldfish/M&M mix I made her brother in the upper compartment.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.


  1. Thanks for sharing Haunted House Halloween Bento Lunch looks perfect love it


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