Spider Bento Lunch for Halloween

We needed at least one new Halloween Bento Lunch this year and I was having trouble coming up with new ideas.

In the process of looking for a cookie cutter, I found an old spider web outline cutter.  Inspiration struck and I figured I could likely use a knife to cut out the inside design.  If that worked, I knew I could make a spider somehow or another.

And my plan worked!  With the right knife skills, I am completely capable of making a spider web.  And, since I had a spider web, I had to make a spider.  He's made out of pepperoni--two legs equals one arc of pepperoni and the middle is one of the leftovers.  Everything is held down with dots of mayo.

In this lunch, Ben took a turkey and cheddar sandwich with mayo on multigrain rounds, because I wanted to surface area to make the spider and web.  He reported that it all stayed together, so the mayo really did work as glue.  Below that, he has a chocolate chip granola bar.

To the right, he has a mix of Halloween M&Ms and pretzel goldfish in one compartment and some grapes with Halloween picks from the dollar store.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.