Kebab Sandwiches Bento Lunch

This lunch was actually a purposeful pick from my oldest.

Her friends, especially the guys, are quite amused by all her teeny tiny foods, so I told her we could make mini sandwich kebabs.  This actually is a full sandwich worth of food, but it seems minuscule when you lay it out this way.

In this lunch, she took six mini kebab sandwiches.  I had to move the extra cactus pick sandwich for a better photo, but we added it back in to the actual lunch.

Each kebab features a chunk of cheese, a roll of deli ham, and three mini bread flowers, cut from honey wheat, then skewered on mini kebab picks.  I got this set at Target's $1 Spot awhile back and they were a bit longer than most of my food picks, while still fitting in the box.

To go with the mini food, the upper right compartment holds mini fudge striped cookies.  The bottom right holds diced peaches, since we did not realize we ran out of fruit until we packed lunch.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.