Simple Egg Salad Bento Lunch

We've had some simpler lunches again the last few weeks.

The husband was away on a training mission for a month, so there was a lot of streamlining the process with there only being one driver at home.  Lunch was made extra simple too!

Egg salad is a favorite for the girl, so that was what I packed!  We prefer just two boiled eggs, sliced twice on an egg slicer, and a big dollop of mayo.  Super simple and tasty.  I put that into a jumbo silicone cup that fits snugly under the box lid so it won't tip.

She prefers crackers with her egg salad, as opposed to a sandwich, so we added club crackers with a spoon for scooping and a few chunks of cheddar cheese.  For sides, she picked mini Fudge Striped Cookies and some grapes.  Unlike her brother, this is pretty much her entire lunch.