Simple Croissant Bento Lunch

As the boy is growing (we're talking an inch or so every couple of months right now), he's definitely needing a lot more food.

I've hit the point where I am sending two lunchboxes most days--one for food and one for snacks.  I'm also using my Goodbyn Hero box a lot more because it holds almost the most food out of everything I own, all in one box.

The main box in this lunch features three croissant sandwiches.  If I recall correctly, they are turkey, ham, cheddar cheese, and mayo.  I personally prefer the mini croissants, hence why we could get three in there.

The bottom compartments hold a fair amount of green grapes, along with quite a few coconut chocolate chip cookies.  Lest you think I'm starving him, he also took yogurt, a double compartment container of pretzels and goldfish, some applesauce, and a cheese stick.  He still came home ready for dinner.

Lunch is packed, as mentioned, in a Goodbyn Hero Box.