Panda Themed Cucumber Sandwiches Bento

The girl requested one of her longtime favorite lunches the other day since I happened to actually have the ingredients in the house.

And since cucumber sandwiches aren't super colorful, we had to jazz it up with some panda decorations.

In this lunch, I made open face cucumber sandwiches on mini naan breads.  Each bread is spread with  garden veggie cream cheese, then topped with two thinner slices of cucumber.  I skewered the cucumbers to the bread with panda bear picks, even though the cream cheese pretty much held it in place.

Since the sandwiches are yummy, but not super filling, I added chunks of cheddar cheese in the upper right compartment, then some raspberries for color in the lower right compartment.  With the extra panda picks, we thought it was so cute and colorful.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.