Quick Little Lunch in a New Wonder Woman Box

Awhile back, I saw someone post this absolutely adorable Wonder Woman lunch set on Facebook.  Since I had to have it, I reached out to a friend of mine who sells Tupperware and she ordered it for me.

The set itself came with two small round containers, a big tumbler, and this absolutely awesome sandwich box!

Since every new box needs to be used, I made a quick lunch for the girl in this one.  I wasn't positive the boy would want to use a Wonder Woman lunchbox, nor does it old anywhere near the amount of food he requires on a daily basis.

In this lunch, I made a turkey and cheese sandwich on everything sandwich rounds.  The seasoning is pretty much like an everything bagel and it's so good!  Because it's a sandwich box, I cut the sandwich in half and stacked each half on top of each other so I had room for some other food.

I used two square silicone cups to divide the bottom part and added carrot to one and granola bar bites to the other.  Since it wasn't a huge lunch, I used some of the applesauce pouches I had leftover from our last road trip for an extra snack.