Simple Flower Themed Bento Lunch

Keeping it simple sometimes is the best way to go, especially for busy mornings.

Having the right tools to do this?  A necessity in my book.  Sandwich cutters, a few cute food picks, and an extra 30 seconds livens up even a boring lunch.

In the lunch, I made a ham and cheese sandwich with mayo on honey wheat bread for the girl.  Using a LunchPunch flower cutter, I ended up with the cute bread design.  I opened the sandwich back up and swapped the cheese flower from the middle of the sandwich to the top so it looked a bit cuter.

Underneath the sandwich is a cereal bar of some sort.  To the right are animal crackers and green grapes, skewered on a few flower picks to add to the cute factor. Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes, using the Lunch Punch Whimsical Sandwich Cutters.