Multi-Containers Bento Lunch

It should be no surprise that I buy a lot of cute little containers for lunches, yet it seems like I default to the same ones all the time.

These poodle containers were a find at Daiso in California and they are too cute not to be in the rotation more often.  (The little purple one is a different brand, I needed a tiny fourth one.)

What's in the containers?  Each one holds something little different.

The largest poodle one holds a turkey and cheese sandwich on honey wheat bread.  It was cut with a LunchPunch sandwich cutter to make the crown and the middle cheese was swapped to the top for decoration.

The middle poodle one holds grapes and the smallest poodle one holds white cheddar crackers.  The tiny purple one (a Goodbye container) holds a few Girl Scout Samoa cookies.

The girl mentioned that this was a little more convenient for her, so she could just pull out what she wanted to eat.  The crackers and cookies made a quick snack during the day, while the sandwich and the grapes were definitely saved for lunch.  And, well, the poodle boxes are really cute!