Quick Moon & Stars Bento Lunch

Sometimes a lunch theme just sort of happens.

With this moon and stars bento, I had to rotate the croissant to fit in the box and realized that it kind of looked like a crescent moon, and the theme went from there.

In this lunch, I made a turkey and cheddar sandwich on some fresh croissants I bought the other day.  I was in a croissant mood, so grabbed a few for all of us to enjoy, then saved one for this lunch.  Since the croissant looked like a moon, I added an eyeball to it.  I attempted to add a mouth with some cheese, but I wasn't happy with the final result so just left it with the eye.

To the right, I added cantaloupe and strawberries, accented with star picks.  I really wanted to make star shaped cantaloupe, but ran out of fridge room a few days ago and had cut up the entire cantaloupe into a container.

She also took along some fresh cookies I made, but those were in a separate container.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.