A Much Larger Day Camp Lunch

So, once upon a time, lunches were cute and coordinated and featured lots of little bites of items. And then the boy became a teenager and the lunches multiplied in size.

Helping at day camp leads to a very hungry boy child, so I packed as much food as I could for him (side note, he ate it all, came home, and opened the fridge).

I've been using the Goodbyn Hero box a lot for him lately, since it's one of the bigger/deeper boxes I own.  If I stack things right, it holds a surprising amount of food!

In this lunch, I made him a turkey and cheese sandwich on honey wheat bread.  After figuring out what else was going the box, I opted to cut it on a diagonal and stack the pieces on top of each other to make the most of the space available.

Below that, I used a silicone cup to hold our new favorite crisps (Cheez-It Snap'd if you want to know which ones) and a smaller square Goodbyn container to hold our new favorite potato salad (Member's Mark Loaded Potato Salad from Sam's).  After the photos, the potato salad got a nice tight lid on top so it didn't spill.

To the right, he has some cinnamon bread and a ton of fresh blueberries.  We were heading on vacation within a couple of days of day camp ending, so I told him to finish any food he wanted to.

Note: None of the above food items are sponsored partners.  They are just some new favorite items we have tried and loved and figured our readers might like too!