Sweet Iced Mocha for Summer Brunch

This post is sponsored by Left Field Farms, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Finally, I think summer is starting to appear in Colorado!  We have mild temperatures, we have sun, and we have a definite need to be outdoors enjoying it all.  Lately, I'm loving having my coffee and breakfast out on the patio, and realized that I needed a cold coffee drink for the summer months.

This Sweet Iced Mocha is exactly what I was envisioning--my favorite coffee, some chocolate, and creamer from Left Field Farms.  All you need are some breakfast goodies and nice weather as the perfect sides.

We've used the Left Field Farms Sweet & Creamy and Left Field Farms Vanilla creamers and either is ideal in this recipe.  Since our vanilla was opened already, we decided to use it for this batch of iced mochas.  Our local Walmart carries both flavors in the dairy section and we were excited to try them out, in the iced mochas and in our regular coffee.

I wanted a mocha that wasn't full of crazy ingredients, just simple, good flavors with a great taste.  Left Field Farms Creamer products are made with real sugar, real milk, real cream, and Non-GMO project verified, with no artificial flavors.  This left me with the mocha I dreamed of, and I only needed three ingredients, plus ice, to get the flavor I wanted!

Sweet Iced Mocha Recipe:

1 cup fresh brewed coffee
1/4 cup Left Field Farms Creamer, I used Vanilla
1/2 Tbsp cocoa powder
Crushed ice, cubes work too

Using a deeper glass than you want, scoop the cocoa powder to the bottom.
Pour coffee over top and whisk quickly.
Add in the creamer and whisk again.
Fill a second glass or bottle with crushed ice and pour the just-mixed mocha over top.  Serve immediately.

My notes:

You can use either hot or cold coffee, but I find that warm to hot coffee helps dissolve the cocoa powder better.   Cold coffee requires a lot more whisking to have it dissolve nicely.

You can also make this ahead of time, but skip the crushed ice till serving and just chill it in your refrigerator.

If you prefer a sweeter mocha, add a little more creamer by the teaspoon.  Alternatively, if you prefer a coffee flavor, remove by the teaspoon (from the original 1/4 cup).

Kindness counts! 

Left Field Farms goes the extra mile to be Validus® Animal Welfare Certified. They are a collection of like-minded farmers, thinkers and doers out to knock down some fences, for good food, healthy communities and fresh ideas in agriculture.

We think kindness counts too and coffee is much better when it's shared with friends. Make a larger batch of this mocha and chill it for an afternoon coffee date with your favorite people.

Which flavor creamer do you think would make the best mocha?  We are still undecided!