Under the Sea Day Camp Lunch

We've kind of aged out of attending day camps at this point in time.  However, both kids decided to volunteer with our BSA summer day camp for Cub Scouts.

This year, the theme was "Under the Sea" and, since they were working with littler ones, themed lunches seemed like a fun idea.

This lunch was for Faith, since she does not eat nearly as much as Ben does.

She opted for ham and cheese sandwiches on honey wheat bread, cut into fish shapes with a Lunch Punch cutter.  The fish comes in the original set of Lunch Punch cutters and they are still my favorite set of them.  Typically, I add sugar eyes to the fish in the morning, but we were in a rush, so I forgot.

To the right, I had some yummy cinnamon bread leftover, so I sliced that to fit in the container and accented it with a whale pick.  Then I diced strawberries and added a matching dolphin pick.  She also took a frozen applesauce and some snacks like granola bars as we weren't sure how much time there would be to eat or where the food could be stored.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.