Friday, July 5, 2019

More Day Camp Lunches

Another day camp lunch for my boy!

Since their camp was held at one of the elementary schools, there were indoor facilities for holding lunches, which gave me much better options.  However, we were also leaving on vacation two days after the camp ended, so lunches were also planned around finishing out food.

In this lunch, I used the end of the bread (honey wheat) along with the last of the ham and cheddar cheese for a basic sandwich.  Since we had indoor storage options, I also added mayo (and ice packs) for flavor.  We were officially out of all other meats, cheese, and bread at this point, so this was the extent of the sandwich.

In the bottom compartment, I used out most of the sliced strawberries.  The top compartment, I split into two with silicone cups and added some chocolate chip cookies and some cheddar crisps.  I tossed some other snacks in his bag too, since he's always starving.  Lunch is packed in a Goodbyn Bynto Box.


  1. This looks super easy and delicious!I tried this one and it's Amazing.

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