One Final Day Camp Bento Lunch

We had one final day of day camp volunteering right before we left for vacation.

We had run out of bread the previous day, but I really didn't want to take out a brand new loaf.  Thankfully, I had bought fresh tortillas for dinner, so was able to swap sandwiches for wraps!

In this lunch, I made turkey, ham, and cheese wraps on tortillas.  My kids like a bit of mayo on their wraps, which also helps "glue" the tortilla together.  (Again, we had indoor facilities for day camp, so keeping food cool was not a problem.  The wraps didn't fit completely in the boxes I had, so I opted to cut each one in half and skewer it with a pick just in case.

Above the wraps, I added a granola bar, and to the right, some goldfish crackers.  Each kid had a different fruit to finish out--Ben had the end of the blueberries while Faith took the rest of the strawberries.  Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.

And after this lunch, we took a lovely two week vacation where I didn't have to make food for anybody.  It was wonderful.