Taco Muffin Snack Box Bento

It's been awhile since I've made stuffed muffins for the kids, to the point that they were trying to actually remember what they were.  They had been such a staple in our preschool and elementary school bento boxes that I had to make a fresh batch to jog their memories.

I made a batch of what then-five year old Ben named "Ben's Taco Muffins" since we had leftover taco beef from current-fourteen year old Ben's birthday party.  They're so good--taco beef, lots of cheese, all combined into a cornbread muffin, and the perfect size for a snack box.  If you need the recipe, grab it in this post.  I've updated it with better photos and ratios, but left the cute little kid photos.

In this snack box, I opted for one taco muffin, along with an orange, grapes, and some chocolate chip cookies.  Years ago, this would have been plenty of food for the kids.  Today, it's enough food for an hour or two.  But at least they remember the muffins now.

Lunch is packed in an EasyLunchboxes Snack Box Container.