Extra Simple Sandwich Bento Lunch

I'm still having fun trying to figure out how much food the boy might need for a day.

Generally speaking, I make one lunch, then add in plenty of separate snacks and things for him to enjoy as he goes about his day.  Long ago, I taught both kids about eating perishable items first, so we don't have any food waste issues.  If food comes home (unlikely), it's shelf stable items.

In this lunch, I packed the boy a ham and turkey and cheese sandwich with mayo on honey wheat.  I was a little bored, so I decided a few cute food picks were amusing.  He does humor me quite a bit.

To the right, I had made some boiled eggs for his dad, so he took two of those, with salt and pepper of course.  I also added some sliced strawberries for him since they looked nice and fresh.  Not picture, I added simple things like granola bars, yogurt, cheese sticks, and crackers for him so he could snack away his day.

Lunch is packed in one of our EasyLunchboxes.