Mini Quesadilla Bento Lunch

A little bit of fun for my girl last week, since we still had some mini tortillas in the freezer.

What could be better than using mini tortillas to make mini quesadillas?

In this lunch, I made a couple of the mini quesadillas for my girl, stuffed stuffed with a few different kinds of cheese.  She prefers her quesadillas plain, so I didn't add any other fillings to them.  Instead, I rolled up some deli ham into sort-of flowers and added some grapes as well.  To the side, she wanted the last of the parmesan Goldfish crackers, and I put a yogurt in her lunch too.

The containers?  My adorable Tupperware Wonder Woman sandwich box is the blue one, using a couple of Wilton square silicone muffin cups to divide the food, and the yellow one is a matching Tupperware circular container.  I also have a blue circle one as well from the Wonder Woman lunch set.


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