Mini Tortilla Wraps Bento Lunch

Week two of school is wrapping up and I have now found the most perfect sandwich wraps!  (All puns are totally intended.)

I found these teeny tiny tortillas at the grocery and knew I had to buy a pack to try.  I was right--they made the cutest little wrap sandwiches.  Next up, I'm making mini-quesadillas with them.

In this lunch, I made Faith two mini-wraps with the new tortillas.  Each one has ham, havarti, and a little bit of veggie cream cheese to hold it all together.  I skewered them with panda food picks, just in case I didn't use enough cream cheese.

To the right, I packed her parmesan-flavored Goldfish crackers and grapes with another cute little panda pick.  I also added a strawberry yogurt bar in case she wanted a little more food.

And since I know you're going to want to know all about the tortillas--these are the ones I bought.  They are Mission brand, Street Tacos Flour Tortillas and about 4 inches in diameter.  I generally shop at King Soopers, Kroger stores, and these were with all the other tortillas on the shelves in the regular grocery part, not in the bakery.

I'm happy with the result, so these are definitely going to be in our regular grocery rotation.


  1. Hooray for mini tortillas! I've bought those from ShopRite, and they are great for lunches! I may not have the biggest appetite becaus I think they're really just the perfect size for non-burrito applications.

    1. We are really looking forward to the mini-mini-quesadillas!


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